safety-300x300At InterCon Construction we integrate an emphasis on safety into every aspect of our organization, from our individual projects to our overall culture. All InterCon employees undergo safety and health training and we incorporate rigorous safety practices into our everyday business. From “take 5” safety assessments, to evaluation of Personal Protective Equipment and documented on-site safety inspections, we are invested in identifying and eliminating hazards that can injure workers and cause accidents. InterCon Construction has been awarded the Distribution Contractors Association Arthur T Everham Safety Award, in recognition of our exceptional safety program.

InterCon begins evaluating project safety from the moment we are asked to analyze project scope and develop pricing. We consider all factors that our crews must work with including soil conditions and environmental factors, weather, equipment and tooling required, traffic and overhead obstructions. We evaluate all applicable DOT and OSHA requirements as well as all other federal, state and local regulatory requirements, the specific requirements of our customers, and adherence to our own defined safety protocols. On practically all of our projects, we  develop project specific safety plans.

All our projects emphasize the protection of the general public, our customers’ employees, our employees, and property. As an independent check, on select projects, Midwest Safety Counselors, Inc. and our insurance company are involved in helping identify and eliminating any hazards that could injure workers or cause accidents.

InterCon has zero tolerance for unsafe work practices and we empower our employees to stop work should a potential hazard be identified.