The team at InterCon Construction has been providing innovative solutions for more than 35 years. We are nationally recognized in the underground and overhead utility industry. Dedicated to exceptional service and client satisfaction, we put our customers first. Over the past three decades we have earned a reputation as one of the safest, most productive, reliable and creative construction firms in the country.

Today with more than 1000 employees, we handle all phases of construction for electrical and natural gas transmission and distribution networks in the Midwest, along with directional drilling services for projects throughout North America. We are a multi-faceted service provider eager to continue our growth by providing safe and superior service for utility companies and municipalities.

We perform our work safely and with integrity. Every day our experienced crews, management team and support staff use state of the art equipment and a hands-on approach to strengthen our relationships with our customers. We are committed to building safe and efficient projects that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, schedule and price. Throughout all project stages—from planning and operations, to close-out—we work with our customers to prepare and implement a successful solution every time.