Design Services

InterCon construction can provide engineering and design for many aspects of utility infrastructure, including; gas, electric, network, and telecommunications. Utilizing CAD drafting and industry or customer specific standards, InterCon provides designs with a focus on construction safety, plan readability, cost savings through constructability reviews, and adherence to standards.

Our expertise includes:

  • Gas main and service extensions and replacement
  • Overhead electric distribution and service: new extensions and system improvement/replacement projects, pole replacements
  • Underground electric distribution and service: new distribution cable installations (including subdivisions) and life-cycle cable replacement projects
  • Network systems: cable, conduit, and manhole installation
  • Telecommunications: pole replacements, joint-use projects, fiber installs


Coupled with our construction groups, we have the ability to provide total project implementation and management of EPC (Engineer Procure Construct) projects allowing for a true “turn key” project for customers. We can also customize the design process to meet the customer-specific needs.