Pipeline Integrity Digs

InterCon has a long history of providing pipeline maintenance work for our customers. From short notice priority one anomaly digs to assisting with pig runs, InterCon is available to assist it’s customers with all of their pipeline needs.

InterCon understands the urgency of its customers’ underground infrastructure needs and the importance of evaluating and maintaining pipeline integrity. Towards this end, InterCon provides the following services:

Anomaly Digs & Repairs

  • Reinforcing sleeve installations
  • Re-wraps and re-coatings
  • Clock Springs Installations

Assistance with Pig Runs

  • Provide lifting equipment to load and unload pigs
  • Chain in services
  • Pipeline Change Outs
  • Excavation
  • Drain-up
  • Stopple and by-pass installation
  • Assistance to stopple crews
  • Subcontracting of any required traffic control or roadway reconstruction
  • Tracking assistance